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Why Should You Entertain Our Correspondence ?

Burlington George Properties works with a handful of carefully selected developers whom have passed a FULL financial check and are NOT what we like to refer to as “opportunists”. We and our investors are CASH buyers.

We will entertain terms and options on ANY situation that you may be in with ONLY intention of getting a deal that suits both parties. We are happy to assist individuals whom may be in tricky circumstances. We have over 25 Years experience and have encountered many situations.


Reasons Not To Choose An “opportunist” & What To Look Out For ?

  • They Simply Do Not Have The Money They Claim To Have
  • They do not have development experience and adequate teams. They will apply for planning permission with the hope rather than surety that something will come to fruition
  • This could leave you with the hope that you will sell your property to them with the high possibility of them pulling out the option in a few months
  • They put forward ludicrously low deposit figures on an option only agreement
  • Their correspondence is very generic and does not cater for a tailored service


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Thank you for your consideration !

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