Pricing Structure

A Truly Tailored Approach In Accordance With Your Requirements

We Offer A Pricing Structure On A Tiered Service Level Dependant On Your Level Of Requirements & Budget

Pricing Structure

We provide a comprehensive professional service which is tiered into the offerings detailed below

Mailing List

Properties bought from our free mailing list detail a set fee of £4,999.00 on any property purchase irrespective of size


VIP Membership

Members of our VIP list get all the hottest deals 48 hours in advance to anyone on our mailing list

Properties bought through our VIP Membership get charged a set fee of £2,999.00

Membership is £1200.00 for a 12 month subscription


Tailored Property Solutions

We provide a tailored property sourcing service that is best suited for the professional developer/investor

Upfront Retainer


  • 5% - ≤£250,000.00
  • 3% -  £250,000.01 - £500,000.00
  • 2% -  £500,000.01 - £999,999.99
  • 1% - ≥£1,000,000.00

*Upfront Retainer is deducted from the commission fee

*Upfront Retainer is fully refundable in accordance with our Terms & Conditions



We will help you ascertain and clearly articulate the potential of your next project

  • Planning Policy
  • Pre-App - 1-9 Units
  • Pre-App - 10-20 Units
  • Pre-App - 21+ Units
  • Commercial Policy
  • Extension Suitability


Get in touch for an understanding of the expectations and deliveries within these reports


Professional Services

Please speak with our team to discuss any of your specific requirements which we may be able to assist you with

Get In Touch For A FREE Consultation

We will help you pick a level of service that works to your specific requirements and within your budget.

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