Q: How can I sell for a higher price than what could be achieved on the open market?

A: The nature of suitable development sites is they offer untapped value to developers. Part of this value can be passed down to owners like yourself.

For example, Mr Smith owns a house on a large plot of land valued by an estate agent at £500,000. A property developer called Example Ltd is introduced to Mr Smith, at no cost, by Burlington George Properties. Example Ltd believe they can achieve planning permission to build a further three houses on the land which would sell for £500,000 each. As a result, the developer is able to generate a gross development value (GDV) of £2,000,000 (x4 houses at £500,000 each). Example Ltd make Mr Smith a competitive offer of £650,000 for his property which is £150,000 more than what the property was valued at.


Q: I’m not ready to sell, is it still worth a conversation?

A: Our clients can be flexible when it comes to different types of agreements and timescales. If a sensible and fair solution can be agreed for both parties, it could still be advantageous for the developer to secure the opportunity ahead of competitor firms despite having to wait until they can begin development.


Q: What will this cost me?

A: Burlington George Properties receive a fee from property developers (our clients) for the introduction of suitable development land. There are no costs to you for us facilitating these introductions. The only costs you would incur would be your solicitor fees regarding the transfer of ownership of your property/land (unless the developer/investor pays this for you).


Q: How did you find my property/land and contact details?

A: We also conduct our site searches using online software. Through this we identify suitable development sites we believe will be of interest to our clients. We then pay the Land Registry for access to the title deeds of the land and property. Within these deeds are the contact details of the proprietor(s).


Q: My property/land is within a restricted planning area (e.g. greenbelt, AONB, SSSI), is it still worth a conversation?

A: Although planning policy restrictions such as greenbelt, AONB and SSSI make things difficult, it does not mean achieving planning permission is impossible. Every development opportunity is different and comes with various degrees of complexity. It is worth a conversation to see what our clients say, even if it helps you to better understand the development limitations specific to your property/land.

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